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Why Real Food Matters

There are many different reasons we garden. For some it is a family tradition, for others it's a way to wind down and spend time outdoors. Regardless of what brought you to gardening, you may or may not realize that your choice to grow food is doing a huge service to our society. Our industrial food system […]


Leafy Greens Year Round in Florida

It's a common belief that you can only grow salad greens in the winter in Florida, but that's simply not true! In this class, we will cover over 20 unique leafy greens that can be grown year round in Florida. Then we will plant seed a tatsoi and mustard green blend. Kits will be available […]

6 Garden Pests & How to Stop Them

Florida gardeners are faced with pests who love our veggies just as much as we do! We will be covering 6 common garden pests and how to deter them with materials from around the home. Small mammals (squirrels, racoons, and rats) Birds Iguanas Leaf miners Aphids Cutworms This class is free and will be held […]

Improve Your Soil

Although it would be ideal to have yards of quality compost lying around to start your new garden beds, that's just not a reality for most of us. Even beds that have served you for years may be under performing due to lack of balanced nutrients. We will cover what organic soil amendments you can […]