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40 Best Gifts for Florida Gardeners of 2023

Intentional and practical gifts for the green thumb in your life.



Finding the right gifts for gardeners and homesteaders can be a challenging feat during the holiday season. It’s tough to find presents that are both practical and relevant to someone who is making an effort to be more self-sustaining.

Those who aren’t familiar with gardening or what it’s like to grow food may be at a loss for what the best gifts for gardeners or homesteaders are.

To lighten the load, I’ve come up with a list of ideas with 40 gifts for gardeners or homesteaders. These gifts can be catered to the person and should be a hit no matter what type of garden they have from a small urban garden to a quarter acre homestead. Without further adieu, here are the 40 best Christmas gifts for gardeners and homesteaders.



    • Things to consider before buying garden gifts
    • Membership gifts for gardeners
    • Gifts for the gardener chef
    • Gifts for small scale urban gardeners
    • Gifts for larger scale homestead gardeners
    • Gifts for organic gardeners
    • Gifts to garden in style
    • Gifts for gardeners who also love to read
    • Gift card ideas


Things to Consider Before Buying Garden Gifts

We love the holidays and all the fun, joy, and togetherness they can bring. But it’s very easy to get caught up in the materialism and wastefulness of the season.

To us, the holidays are about sharing time with loved ones, gratitude, love, and kindness. Gifts are one way to show this, but it’s not the only way.

We always recommend shared experiences (the gift of time or doing something together) over material gifts. This is especially true when it comes to gifts for gardeners.There are seasonal changes where the garden or homestead may require more time than the grower has, during planting or harvest season for example. Offering to lend a hand during those times will be a great help to them and wonderful memories you can share for years to come. Canning beans, cleaning luffa sponges, potting up tomatoes, every gardener has a never ending to do list. I have a group of friends that regularly come together to help each other with garden tasks and it has created amazingly deep connections between us.


If possible, consider giving the gift of an excursion, membership, or experience over an item. Perhaps a ticket to ECHO Global farm or Earth Skills event. Chances are they will remember the time spent together a lot longer than the material item.


If you choose to give physical gifts this holiday. Please do so with intention, purpose, and value.


We vote with our dollar. It’s more important than ever to purchase products that support and align with your values and the betterment of our world. Cheap mass-produced gifts for gardeners may be an easy purchase, but there is a massive amount of environmental harm, human impact, and waste that goes into producing it.


It’s important to consider the cost, effort, and impact the product has for being brought into this world. Choosing products that keep this in mind and are long lasting, high-quality items will help to slowly shift our interaction with our world.


Here are some additional ideas to help minimize your footprint this holiday season:

Also, keep in mind that not every gardener or homesteader needs all of these gifts. A lot of the gifts for gardeners or homesteaders we share below can be awesome presents, but it depends on the person’s needs.


    Also, keep in mind that not every gardener or homesteader needs all of these gifts. A lot of the gifts for gardeners or homesteaders we share below can be awesome presents, but it depends on the person’s needs.

    Try to chat with your friend or family member beforehand to see where their interests lie or what memberships or items they already have. It’s always better to get them something they need that will fit their space or preferences than spending your money on something that is great in theory but won’t be used.

    With that being said, we know the joy that can come from giving or receiving a great gift. If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for gardeners and homesteaders, we hope this gift guide will help you find the right item for your loved one.


    Membership Gifts for Gardeners

    We love getting the gift of memberships as gardeners or homesteaders. These annual fees can be costly and are something we have to pay consistently. Not every gardener will use all of these memberships. It’s a good idea to find out what type of gardening style they have or interests they have before buying.

    However, we’d be happy to receive any of the memberships below as a Christmas gift!


    Florida Veggie Seed Club

    Florida Veggie Club Seed Packet

     Take the guesswork out of gardening in Florida and upgrade your gardening experience with our Florida Veggie Seed Club Quarterly Subscription—a perfect gift for gardeners of all levels. This subscription service provides organic, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds tailored to our climate and growing conditions delivered straight to your door. With seasonal shipments, a detailed garden plan, seed success cards, live monthly classes, and exclusive access to a community of fellow gardeners, this subscription, valued at $135, offers an invaluable resource to ensure a thriving garden, whether you have a home, apartment, container, or garden tower.


    Private Florida Veggie Gardening Community

    An online community filled with like-minded gardeners and homesteaders from across the state of Florida. This is a community of practice to help home gardeners to learn the skill of growing food. Ask questions, and share your garden wins and woes with fellow gardeners.


    SeedTime: Garden Planner and Calendar


    Utilizing a digital garden planner and calendar like SeedTime can help your garden friends keep themselves on task with to-do lists, help to maximize their harvests with a timeline feature, along with expected harvest dates, etc.



    Thrive Groceries 

    Box of thrive groceries.

     PHOTO: Thrive Market

    I started buying from Thrive Market when I cleaned up my diet and have been a member of theirs since 2015. I have saved thousands since they are much cheaper than grocery stores and offer a wide selection of health-conscious brands. 

    I started buying from Thrive Market when I cleaned up my diet and have been a member of theirs since 2015. I have saved thousands since they are much cheaper than grocery stores and offer a wide selection of health-conscious brands. 


    Click here to use my link and save 40% off your first order.


    Gifts for the Gardener Chef

    If your friend or family member loves cooking, consider giving them something to use in their kitchen. Cooking whole foods from scratch takes a lot of time, these items can help make it easier and more efficient!

    Sunshine Cookbook: Florida Friendly Heirloom Recipe E-Book

    Discover the perfect gift for food enthusiasts and gardeners alike—a vibrant e-cookbook, "Rooted in Sunshine." Featuring over 50 recipes, this digital cookbook celebrates Florida's unique heirloom produce, from roselle to Seminole pumpkin. These recipes have been carefully curated by a community of passionate gardeners from across the state. As a heartfelt tribute to the shared joys of cooking and gathering, this e-cookbook is available on a sliding price scale, ensuring accessibility for all.



    Instant pressure cooker for home gardener.


     PHOTO: Amazon

    From making bone broths to canning excess produce these do-it-all all machine will help with any number of whole foods cooking tasks.



    Fermentation Lids

    Fermentation lids for the home gardener. 


     PHOTO: Amazon

    These fermentation lids make fermenting your homegrown veggies a breeze and ensures the veggies stay in the brine for a safe final product.


    Chicken Egg Basket

    Wire basket shaped like a chicken that holds fresh eggs.

     A fun- to- have item that is both cute and practical, perfect for the kitchen counter. This Chicken Egg Backset holds my eggs and fruit as it ripens.



    Cooking with Unique Heirloom Foods: On-Demand Online Class

     Give the gift of a culinary adventure with our Heirloom Harvest Cooking Class, perfect for beginner gardeners. This recorded video series, spanning three modules, guides you through cooking with homegrown heirlooms, offering engaging homework, quizzes, and a final challenge, complete with downloadable cheat sheets for quick reference.



    Gifts for Small-Scale Urban Gardeners

    Just because they are working on a smaller scale doesn't mean they won't produce a tremendous bounty. These gifts are for gardeners who work on a small scale and are for anyone who gardens on a small porch or patio garden on up to a small urban lot. These gardeners will likely find these gifts incredibly useful.


    My Favorite Vertical Garden Planter

    Elise owner of the urban harvest planting vertical garden tower. The Greenstalk Vertical Gardens are my favorite growing container. These vertical garden planters grow up to 42 plants in 3 sq. ft., fantastic for beginner gardens, those who need to keep it simple, and any small space gardener, especially apartment/condo residents.


    Use code "urbanharvest" to save $10 off your GreenStalk purchase.


    Compact Pruners

    Durable garden clippers harvesting an eggplant.

    These handy compact garden pruners easily manage anything in your annual veggie garden & even tough enough for light pruning of perennials. These have held up longer/better than any other clippers I've tried.


    Vegetable Garden Plant Markers

    plant marker for Florida gardens

     Many plant markers on the market are either wood that breaks down quickly or are single-use plastic. These Plant Markers won’t decompose two seasons in, and don’t fade away so you actually know what you planted where! No more guessing. 


    Watering Can

     This Watering Can is long-lasting with a removable filter on the spout allowing you to easily clean out debris. The stream of water is nice and gentle which is perfect for young seedlings.


    Premium Rubber Garden Hose

    Elise of The Urban Harvest watering garden with premium watering hose.

     This garden hose has not kinked after 4+ years of heavy use outdoors in Florida’s strong elements. This premium rubber garden hose also has a matching fan nozzle, rainwand, or oscillating sprinkler depending on your preference to stay consistent in watering your vegetable garden.


    Garden Harvest Basket

    Colorful multipurpose garden basket

     Garden Harvest Baskets make great gifts as they are beautiful enough to leave on the hook by the door or on the kitchen table. It is multipurpose, handling everything from harvesting veggies to collecting seeds.


    Florida Food Garden Essentials: The Fundamentals On-Demand Online Class

     Equip aspiring Florida gardeners with the secrets to success through our recommended online course, —a four-module video series tailored to the Sunshine State's unique climate. Perfect for beginners, the course includes engaging content, homework, quizzes, and a hands-on challenge, all complemented by downloadable cheat sheets for quick reference.



    Gifts for Larger-Scale Homestead Gardeners

    Working on a homestead means there are endless possibilities for improving and making their work more efficient and therefore more enjoyable. These gifts are for homesteaders or for anyone who grows a food forest on a small urban lot up to those with several acres. These homesteaders will love the convenience and practical nature of these gifts.


    Premium Raised Beds

    premium raised bed garden in florida front yard

     These US-made premium raised garden beds truly are my forever beds that will last. They are taller than average beds for comfortable gardening. Hopkins Homestead’s beautiful and durable design and fabrication are perfect for the frontyard or gardeners who live in HOA communities where looks really matter.

    Use code "urbanharvest" to save 5% on your raised garden bed purchase from Hopkins Homestead.


    Forged Steel Pitchfork

    Gardener with high quality pitchfork in front of compost.

     A high-quality pitchfork might not be the most glamorous of garden gifts but it is sure beneficial to have on a homestead. The tines are a single unit so no need to worry about the quality of the welds coming apart and getting mulch stuck in them. This AMES pitchfork is built to last and is endlessly useful in the garden, composting, and around the yarden.


    Compost Thermometer

    Thermometer in a pile of hot compost in florida vegetable garden

     A Compost Thermometer is fun for composters both beginner and experienced. This tool allows you to check the temperatures of your compost so you know when to water, flip, and when your compost is done and ready to be used. 


    Roll Away Nest Box

    Roll Away nest box for the urban homesteader.


     PHOTO: Amazon

    A Roll Away Nest Box is great for young kids, people who travel, or flocks with egg eaters. Easy to install, keeps eggs clean, and can collect eggs without entering the coop which is beneficial and convenient. 



    Waterproof Garden Rain Boots

    Florida urban homesteader wearing waterproof boots with fun chicken pattern. The crazy chicken lady in your life would be overjoyed to receive these garden boots! These crazy chicken lady boots work great for all the messy homesteading stuff. I wear mine for everything from cleaning the coop to compost to splashing in puddles with the kids. All while rocking a fun pattern.  


    Heirloom Survival Seed Pack for Florida Gardeners

    Tailored for preppers, homesteaders, and backyard gardeners, this collection guarantees success by offering tried-and-true varieties specifically adapted to thrive in Florida's conditions. Ensure a bountiful harvest even during challenging times in your Florida garden with our carefully curated Heirloom Seed Pack containing 65 open-pollinated varieties ideal for the unique challenges of our Florida climate and the southeastern U.S. 

    With a selection catering to both hot summers and mild winters, along with a detailed planting chart for different regions, these seeds empower you to grow year-round. The Survival Seed Pack provides long-term viability with open-pollinated seeds that can be saved and replanted for years to come—all conveniently sealed in Mylar bags for extended shelf life.



    Harvest Abundance: A Strategic Guide to Garden Planning for Maximum Yields On-Demand Online Class


    Unleash the full potential of your garden with 'Harvest Abundance,' an expert-led online course designed for gardeners of all levels. Dive into the art of garden planning across five modules, complete with engaging homework, quizzes, and a special challenge. Downloadable cheat sheets and worksheets for practical implementation are also included!


    Special 2-day In-Person Event: Food Forest and Modern Homesteading 


    This 2-day in-person intensive held over January 27th and 28th, 2024 will cover all of the information you need to plan a food forest and build an urban homestead here in Florida. We will be doing a mix of class discussions and hands-on learning on a wide range of topics including seed starting, watering, pest management, food forest planning and more! An excellent gift for the gardener who is ready to take their skills to the next level in the brand new year. 



    Gifts for Organic Gardeners

    People are drawn to gardening for various reasons but for the sustainable living gardener, here are some exceptional ways to create a low-maintenance healthy garden. For the organic gardener who wants more than just big box store bagged soil, fertilizers, and traditional pest management treatments. These are some of our seed and soil favorites.


    Earth’s Ally: Organic Gardening Spray

    Bottle of recommended Earth's Ally spray.

     PHOTO: Amazon

    This versatile spray is a great gift paired with worm castings and Holganix - everything your favorite gardener would need to take their garden through the growing season. Safe enough to have around my children without worry!

    This versatile spray is a great gift paired with worm castings and Holganix - everything your favorite gardener would need to take their garden through the growing season. Safe enough to have around my children without worry!


    Brut Worm Farm Castings: Organic Fertilizer

    Bag of premium worm castings from Brut Worm Farms

     PHOTO: Brut Worms

    Worm castings are my #1 favorite soil amendment fertilizer, micronutrients & soil life in one. Ideal for establishing a new garden and re-nourishing an existing vegetable garden for the growing season ahead. Brut Worm Farm Castings is an organic high-quality product without any fillers. 


    Use code "UrbanHarvest" to save 5% on your worm castings from Brut Worm Farm Castings. 


    Holganix: Organic Soil Health Booster

    Gardener spray Holganix spray in organic garden.

     The ultimate organic gardening hack to kickstart your garden and plants with soil microbes for deeper roots, more resilient plants, and improved uptake of nutrients/water for higher yields. 

    Use code "urbanharvest" to save 10% off on your entire Holganix purchase.


    Down to Earth Kelp Meal Fertilizer 

    Organic kelp meal

     Kelp meal has natural plant growth hormones to help plants grow strong and fast. It also contains tons of micronutrients to increase the nutrient content of the foods harvested. 



    Florida- Friendly Heirloom Seed Online Shop

     A curated collection of heirloom seeds that thrive here in Florida. Heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers that I love and have found to grow well here in Florida.


    Backyard Biochar: Hands-On In-Person Workshop

     Join us for an immersive biochar workshop at The Urban Harvests Homestead in St. Petersburg, led by Paul Kroll Jr. of PK Biochar taking place on January 20th. Explore the art of easily making biochar on a small scale in your backyard and discover why it's an excellent soil amendment for Florida soils and enhances your permaculture systems. An excellent experience to gift the organic gardener in your life with valuable knowledge for sustainable gardening practices. 


    Sowing Success: Mastering the Art of Growing Plants from Seeds On-Demand Online Class


    Unlock the secrets of successful seed starting with "Sowing Success," a pre-recorded on-demand video class perfect for beginner to intermediate gardeners. Delve into the art of growing plants from seeds across three lesson modules, featuring engaging homework, quizzes, and a final challenge, all supported by downloadable cheat sheets, instructions, and a materials list for future reference. 



    Gifts to Garden in Comfort

    Gardeners are outside working in the elements. Proper protection will help keep them comfortable while working outside. All of these gift ideas are also conscientious of material used and are organic and non-toxic.


    Environmental & Sustainable Clothing Brand: Pact Clothing

    Family wearing organic cotton pajamas with holiday prints.

     Grab a gift for your family or even yourself from this sustainable and conscious clothing company. Providing you holiday moments to still join in on the fun things mainstream retail offers but do in a sustainable way. Pact Clothing works with organic farms and chemical-free dyes in Fair Trade Certified factories. 

     Use code "URBANHARVEST15" to save 15% on your entire purchase. 


    The Urban Harvest Women’s and Men’s Gardening T-Shirts

    Florida gardeners wearing cute and funny gardening t-shirts. A fun mix of different styles for the gardener who wants both fun and comfy. Made from high-quality 100% organic ring-spun cotton, super comfy and best of all—eco-friendly.


    Breathable Fair-Trade Gardening Sunhat

    Florida gardener wearing a breathable fair trade sun hat.

     Gardening in Florida’s heat can be pretty brutal but having the right sun protection can make a huge difference. This Sunhat keeps the sun off my neck and face but doesn't make me hot because of its breathable material. The string at neck keeps it from blowing off on breezy days. A must-have for embracing Florida’s year-round growing seasons.



    Natural Bug Repellant


     PHOTO: Amazon

    Along with the heat, we know bugs can be the next in line with brutal things to deal with as a Florida gardener. This Natural Bug Repellant is made from Lemon Eucalyptus and is DEET free but still works great! Ingredients that deter the unwanted bugs without anything detrimental to your health.



    Gifts for Gardeners Who Also Love to Read

    These books are a fantastic read for gardeners and great to cozy up with in the evenings. Any gardener will find these useful and will likely keep them as a valuable reference down the road.


    Florida’s Best Fruiting Plants

    The most detailed book I've read about Florida's amazing diversity of fruit trees and one of my top recommendations when starting a food forest here in the Sunshine State.

     Photo of recommended book cover, Florida Best Fruiting Plants for holiday gardener gift guide.

     PHOTO: Amazon

    Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

    An easy-to-understand and inspiring first look at what permaculture can offer the beginner gardener and small-scale homesteader. 


    Photo of recommended permaculture book cover for holiday gardener gift guide. 

     PHOTO: Amazon

    Grow a Little Fruit Tree

    A fantastic approach to pruning trees to small and manageable sizes so that small-scale gardens and urban homesteaders can reap abundant and diverse harvests from their own backyard.


    Photo of recommended book cover, Grow a Little Fruit Tre for holiday gardener gift guide.

     PHOTO: Amazon

    Food Fix

    An eye-opening research/fact-based book on the health and the financial impacts of our food system that is still easy to read and understand. 

    Photo of recommended book Food Fix for holiday gift guide

     PHOTO: Amazon

    Silent Spring

    A "classic" that is just as applicable today as the day it was written. A call-it-as-it-is type book that reveals the devastating impacts of pesticides and herbicides. 


    Photo of recommended book cover, Silent Spring for holiday gift guide.

     PHOTO: Amazon

    Gift Card Ideas

    I know gift cards aren’t the most exciting gift idea for gardeners or homesteaders, but they are practical and allow the receiver to purchase what they want or need. If at all possible, try selecting e-gift cards for the method of delivery.

    Florida Gardening and Homesteading In-Person Events/Classes

     Small group in-person events and classes are held at my urban homestead in St. Pete, Florida on topics providing specific information and practical tips on a wide range of topics from pest management, composting, container gardening, and more. 



    Online On-Demand Gardening Courses

     For the gardener or homesteader with a busy schedule online on-demand courses are an excellent option for their convenience and flexibility. Each course is broken down into bite-sized chunks of information and often paired with accompanying downloadable resources and homework for accountability. 


    Florida- Friendly Heirloom Seeds and Live Plants

    Ditch the big box stores, and support local small businesses this holiday season that are dedicated to bringing you a curated collection of heirloom seeds and live plants that grow well here in Florida. Florida-friendly heirloom vegetable and flower seed varieties shipped across the state and live plants are offered for local pick-up to the St. Pete, FL area. 




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