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Food Forests & Modern Homesteading on Small Urban Lots 2 Day Intensive

Sat & Sun 1/27-1/28 2024 from 9am-5pm


$250.00 per person



About this experience

This 2 day in person intensive will cover all of the information you need to plan a food forest and build an urban homestead here in Florida. We will be doing a mix of class discussions and hands on learning on a wide range of topics including:


– Setting Up: The basics of what your garden will need as well as considerations for location, design, and soil amendments.
– Garden Planning: There will be time to actually design your winter garden, ask questions, and get feedback on your design

– Seed Starting: An essential tool for sustainable gardening. Why and how to start from seed as well as care and transplanting to the garden.
– Watering: Not just how much or how frequently, we will discuss sources, applications, and how to conserve this precious resource.
– Maintenance: From fertilization to thinning we will cover all the little details to keep your garden growing the entire season.
– Pest Management: Bad bugs, good bugs, and techniques to manage pest issues.
– Composting: Sustainable, cost effective, organic way to reduce maintenance & increase yields.
– Permaculture Principles: creating systems that are able to sustain themselves

- Designing a Food Forest: The foundations for creating your food forest plan through to planting.
– Pruning Trees: We will go through the process of pruning a tree so that you can gain theoretical as well as visual learning.

- Propagating Plants: Making plants for free is easier than you might think. We will propagate a variety of plants so that you understand various processes.


Class will be Saturday 1/27 & Sunday 1/28 2024 each day will start at 9am and end at approximately 5pm, with 1.5 hours for lunch.

Lunch will not be provided but you are welcome to eat lunch on site or leave to get lunch out. Please bring your own water bottle, we will have water to refill it.

We will be outside for the duration of the day and will be getting our hands dirty. Please dress accordingly. Surfaces will be unlevel, wear comfortable shoes you can walk, stand, and kneel in.

Your Host

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Elise has been teaching how to sustainably grow food in Florida for over a decade. From container garden with veggies to a urban homestead food forest and everything in between.