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Tahitian Melon Squash

    Tahitian Melon Squash


    (C. moschata) 110 days. This near-legendary butternut-type was one of the first rediscovered heirlooms that fueled the early heirloom movement. Fruit is large, to 40 lbs or more, though 12-20 pounds is more common. The orange flesh is richly fragrant, very sweet and delicious--so sweet the juice caramelizes when baked--one of the sweetest squash anywhere! Fine for use in pies, soups or desserts, and keeps for up to nine months. Has been known to produce as much as 100 pounds of squash per plant. The plants are rugged and huge. They grow over a wide range of conditions, even in the scorching-hot summers of the Southwest. Minimum Seed Count: 10

    Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: February-May, August-September

    Central Florida: February-April, August-September

    South FloridaOctober-April