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Black Eye Susan - Live Plant

    Black Eye Susan - Live Plant


    Rudbeckia hirta. This cheerful, widespread wildflower is considered an annual to a short-lived perennial across its range. Bright-yellow, 2-3 in. wide, daisy-like flowers with dark centers are its claim-to-fame. They occur singly atop 1-2 ft. stems. The cheerful blossoms of the Black-eyed Susans liven up bouquets. Birds enjoy the ripe seeds. This annuals may bloom longer with some afternoon shade. Black-eyed Susans are drought tolerant but respond well to an occasional watering. Black-eyed Susan can become aggressive if given too perfect an environment and not enough competition.

    Annual. 1 gallon pot Grown by Wise Hands Nursery.

    This is a Live Plant. At this time, we are unable to ship live plants, and are for local pick up from St. Pete, Florida only.