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Broccoli, Hon Tsai Tai Flowering - Live Plant
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    Broccoli, Hon Tsai Tai Flowering - Live Plant


    Plants produce abundant long purple stems, with lovely yellow flowers that attract pollinators. Tastes great at all life stages from baby greens through flowering. It has a pleasing mild mustard taste that even kids are OK with. It may be used raw in salads or on sandwiches, lightly cooked in stir-fries or soups or however you do your greens. Harvest multiple times from the leaves, stems and flowers. It is easy to grow, healthy, flavorful, beautiful, self-sowing, attracts pollinators, seed can be saved. It has even volunteered itself freely and thrived during warmer months! 

    Annual. 4 inch pot. Grown by Little Tree Homestead & Nursery.

    This is a Live Plant. At this time, we are unable to ship live plants, and are for local pick up from St. Pete, Florida only.