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Cinnamon Basil

    Cinnamon Basil


    Has a spicy cinnamon fragrance. Use as a tea or potpourri. Pkt (0.25 g, ~240 seeds) Annual. Germination: 5-14 days, 70-75°F. Harvest starts about 10 weeks after sowing. Basil is a pick-and-come-again herb which produces well when heavily picked. Grows best in well-drained rich soil. Sensitive to frost. Direct sow after all danger of frost, or start indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Lightly cover seed (no more than two times the depth of the seed). Basil has been used as a carminative. Research indicates that it may inhibit gastric acid secretion. Holy basil has additional medicinal properties.

    Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: February-May, September-November 

    Central Florida: January-May, September-December

    South Florida: January-May, September-December