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Container or Greenstalk Vertical Garden Bundle

    Container or Greenstalk Vertical Garden Bundle


    This collection is for those who are growing in small spaces and container gardens. They are selected for a reason, they grow fantastic here and don't take up a lot of room with either bush or compact tendencies.

    If your not sure what to fill your containers or Greenstalk gardens with or if you just want to "hit the easy button" this bundle will give you a selection of both warm and cool season crops to meet your needs.

    Included are the following seed packs: Italian Basil, Bronze Arrow Lettuce, Aji Dulce Pepper, Plain Leaf Parsley, Tatsoi, Contender Bean, Perpetual Swiss Chard, Burmese Okra, Chinese Multi color Amaranth, French Breakfast Radish, and Sugar Ann Snap Pea.