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Crimson Sweet Watermelon

    Crimson Sweet Watermelon


    85 days. [1964] Medium-sized, striped melon with tolerance to anthracnose (race 1 and 3) and Fusarium (race 1 and 2). Great-tasting melons are typically 10 x 12 in., weighing 23-27 lbs. A unique feature of this variety is its ability to promote beneficial soil fungi that inhibit Fusarium wilt. A reliable variety for the Southeast. This is the variety many melon lovers come back to after trying the rest! 20-60 seeds, average 39 seeds

    Watermelon Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: March-April, July-August

    Central Florida: January-March, August

    South Florida: January-March, August-September