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Spotted Bee Balm
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    Spotted Bee Balm


    Spotted bee balm or dotted horsemint is an herbaceous perennial that occurs along roadsides, on sand dunes, in meadows, in scrub areas, and in butterfly gardens–it is an incredible insect magnet. Contains thymol, the same oil as thyme and oregano. It can be used as an American-grown substitute for those Mediterranean herbs, so plant in an herb garden or cottage garden. The height depends on the soil: in a sand dune, it will grow to about a foot tall, but in a garden with rich loamy soil, it can reach to six feet or more. When it grows tall, it tends to lean over, so if you want to maintain a neat look, trim it back in the early summer, but it’s best in a meadow area where the height or the leaning blend into the background.


    Good to start in fall and winter.