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Fall Garden Tour

Saturday 1/20/24


$20.00 per person



About this experience

We will take a walking tour through my fall garden where I have over 70 different varieties of annual and perennial vegetables growing. I'll discuss the various varieties, planting methods, and answer any questions about them as we go along. We will also loop around to the back where you will get a chance to see the start of the perennial food forest crops I have growing. This tour is meant to show you an example of the food you can grow in a small urban setting, it will not be a formal class or lecture on any one topic. Please keep in mind this will not be the time to answer your specific personal garden questions otherwise we would not have time to discuss all of the amazing crops and seasonally appropriate tips. At the end of the tour seeds and live plants will be available for purchase.

Important Notes:

  • Advance ticket purchase will be necessary to ensure small group sizes. Please do not show up the day of the event and expect to purchase a ticket.

  • Children under 18 are free.

  • The tour will be approximately 1 hour and we will be outdoors the entire duration. We will be walking through mulch and uneven ground, please wear appropriate foot wear.

  • Important - there are no bathrooms on site, plan accordingly!

Your Host

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Elise has been teaching her community how to vegetable garden since 2014 and has been growing food for over 20 years.