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Florida Survival Seed Pack For Spring/Summer
Florida Survival Seed Pack For Spring/Summer
Florida Survival Seed Pack For Spring/Summer

    Florida Survival Seed Pack For Spring/Summer


    We are currently accepting pre-orders for the pack which will ship in early August. You will get a shipping notification when it is on its way. 

    A curated collection of 30 open pollinated heirloom varieties of seeds that are known to do well in our Florida climate and the south eastern U.S. Suitable for the prepper, homesteader, or backyard gardener. This pack is curated for planting in Florida warm seasons of Spring and Summer. For year round growing please order the Fall and Winter pack separately.

    Other generalized survival seed packs may include a few varieties that do ok here but the vast majority won't grow over our summer months or won't have the disease and pest resistance needed to thrive here in Florida. When growing food really matters it's not worth rolling the dice on what is well suited to our conditions or having to battle pests for a crop that is not well adapted. This package includes tried and true varieties specifically for growing here when most other types won't.

    Inside the package is a planting chart which will give you ideal planting times for each variety based on your area of Florida (north, central, and south). And the seeds are open pollinated which means should you ever need to you can easily save the seeds from these crops for growing out again the following year.

    I highly suggest familiarizing yourself with seed saving knowledge ahead of time. You can purchase 2 of these survival seed packs so you can practice with one and save one for peace of mind or you can purchase a sampling of individual retail packets to practice with. The point being, if you're in a pinch and trying to learn on the fly there's a lot more room for error. Going through that learning curve ahead of time will allow you to confidently deal with whatever comes your way.

    These seeds are packaged in sealed Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. If the package is left sealed and stored at room temperature they will maintain average germination for 3-7 years. If stored in the fridge anywhere from 5-10 years and if stored in the freezer anywhere from 15-25 years. This only applies if the package is left sealed to maintain a low oxygen, low moisture, dark, and cool environment. If you would like to explore the package we would suggest purchasing 2 packs. One to open and practice growing with to get to know each variety better and one to store for long term reliable access to viable seeds. (*seeds may be substituted due to availability)