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Fresh Chaya Leaves For Cooking
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    Fresh Chaya Leaves For Cooking



    Chaya is one of my survival garden trifecta and probably one of the easiest perennial vegetables that you can grow here in Florida. Sandy soil, no irrigation (once established), sun or shade - incredibly productive!

    There are SO many recipes that use chaya... everything from cooked greens to wraps, to agua de chaya (a sweetened drink popular in Mexico). But its not a leafy green many folks here have had the opportunity to taste. And I totally get not wanting to "waste" growing space on something your not sure you'll like.

    This weekend I will be doing a try before you buy with chaya. When I was in Mexico they had a bundle at the grocery store for 60 pesos so Ill be listing a big bundle of it for the same price - $3.00 (and it will look a heck of lot more fresh than theirs). It will be for local pick up this weekend only! Place your orders now to try this wonderful leafy green - several recipes included : )

    These are freshly picked leaves. At this time, we are unable to ship live plants/freshly picked chaya leaves, and are for local pick up from St. Pete, Florida only.