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Large Garden & Raised Bed Seed Club
Large Garden & Raised Bed Seed Club
Large Garden & Raised Bed Seed Club
Large Garden & Raised Bed Seed Club
Large Garden & Raised Bed Seed Club
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    Large Garden & Raised Bed Seed Club


    Whether you have a small city lot or acreage, a couple raised beds or a food forest - you can grow your own food! You don't have to worry about what is in season, all of the seed is selected for our climate, season, and growing conditions. We'll also keep it fun with produce that may be different than what you will find at the grocery store (don't worry we share recipes and preparation ideas too) along side all your tried and true favorites. Take the guesswork out of growing in Florida and finally get your garden producing!

    The large garden subscription will provide enough seed to plant four 3.5'x7' raised beds or approximately 100 square feet.

    What's included:

    • 4 seasonal shipments of organic, open pollinated, heirloom seeds which will include 9 varieties of vegetables, leafy greens, herbs, and flowers (You will receive your 4 shipments in September, December, March, & June to align with the Florida growing seasons)
    • A detailed garden plan that you can use/adapt/ignore which will give you guidance on exactly how many of what plant to put where
    • Seed success cards for each variety with easy to understand planting instructions and simple maintenance information
    • A monthly live class which will give you a run down on the varieties that were shipped out, seasonal maintenance information, and any additional details you might need to succeed. We will also reserve time for a Q&A session with members emailed questions at the end of each class
    • Access to our private Mighty Network group where you can ask questions, see others progress, and share ideas with others in our community
    • 3 educational videos to get you started on your gardening journey:
      - Preparing for your first shipment
      - How to start vegetables from seed
      - How to save your own seed