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Mountaineer Delight Tomato

    Mountaineer Delight Tomato


    (Indeterminate) [WVU 2017. In 1963, West Virginia U. professor Mannon Gallegly released West Virginia 63 tomato, one of the first tomatoes bred for Late Blight resistance. 50 years later, Gallegly and colleague Mahfuz Rahman used WV 63 tomato to breed two new, larger tomatoes, with disease resistance now including Septoria leaf spot!] Larger red beefsteak, sweeter flavor than the original West Virginia 63 tomato. Great disease resistance, fruits hold well on the vine. Seed size varies considerably; 0.16 g unless noted (about 40-83 seeds) sows 100 ft.

    Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: January-February, July-August 

    Central Florida: January-February, August-September

    South Florida: January, August-November