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Partridge Pea
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    Partridge Pea


    Partridge pea is an herbaceous annual or short-lived perennial that occurs naturally in scrub, sandhill, flatwoods, beach dunes and disturbed areas throughout the state. Flowers appear from late spring through late fall, and year-round in South Florida. The blooms attract mostly butterflies and long-tongued bees, while ants, flies, wasps and other bees are attracted to the nectar glands that grow on leaf stems. Seeds are consumed by birds and other wildlife. Partridge pea is a host plant to several species of butterfly, including the Gray hairstreak (Strymon melinus) and Cloudless sulphur (Phoebis sennae). It is also a nitrogen-fixer, so it may improve and enrich soils, allowing for the introduction of more demanding plants into your landscape. Will readily self seed.

    Package includes approximately 30 seeds.