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Pesticide Free Gardening

Harvest armfuls of produce without the toxic chemicals


FREE per person



About this experience

Pest management can be challenging for beginner and advanced gardeners alike. Its incredibly frustrating to see your plants doing great only to be decimated by some pest seemingly overnight. Wouldnt it be nice if those occurences became less frequent? And wouldnt it be even sweeter if you could achieve it in a way that is not only healthy for yourself but the environment as well?

Luckily it is totally doable, even here in Florida where we have our fair share of pests. I will show you how to create a pesticide free garden while still getting abundant harvests. We will also delve into pest identification so that you know exactly what you are dealing with when pest management is needed.

This event is free from The Urban Harvest BUT Sunken Gardens will charge admission at the door. An adult ticket is $15 but Groupon does have a deal for half off 2 adult tickets or an annual family membership if you plan ahead. By reserving a ticket through my website you are simply holding your place, you will still be responsible for paying Sunken Gardens when you get there.

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Elise cleaned up her diet and learned to grow food knowing the impact harmful chemicals can have on our body. Her garden is proof that you can grow food here in Florida without those inputs for a healthy environment and a healthy you!