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Seminole Pumpkin Squash

    Seminole Pumpkin Squash


    (C. moschata) 120 days. The wild squash of the Everglades is a pumpkin with deep historic roots and rich sweet flavor. A beloved pumpkin of the deep South especially celebrated in the Florida farming community for its unparalleled heat tolerance. This variety has varying shapes; each squash averages about 3-10 lbs and has tan skin. The sweet flesh is deep orange, dry, and of good quality. The productive vines are resistant to insects and disease. An original squash variety of the Creek, Calusa, and Miccosukee Native American tribes, it can now only be found wild in remote parts of the Everglades or circulated among the gardening and seed saving communities of Florida.

    Packet: 2g (approximately 20 seeds).

    Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: February-May, August-September 

    Central Florida: February-April, August-September

    South Florida October-April