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    Sorrel grows great here and tends to last through the summer heat surprisingly, especially if kept in shadier and well mulched parts of the garden. Its roots are very strong and sturdy, making it difficult to remove without some serious digging, so plant it where you want it to stay awhile

    Sorrel has a lovely tangy, lemony, acidic flavor that is a great addition to salads, and is used in French cuisine to wrap up fish fillets before baking. Kids really like sorrel and can’t stop picking at it once they are hooked (which doesn’t take long). We call it the Sour Skittles Plant” at our youth garden sites! We always dedicate a couple of rows for it to keep up with demand! Aprox 50 seeds.

    Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: January-March, September-December

    Central Florida: January-March, September-December

    South Florida: January-February, October-December