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Strawberry Watermelon

    Strawberry Watermelon


    [Selected from a Fla. heirloom by Walt Childs, introduced by SESE 1989.] An excellent garden variety watermelon with strawberry-red flesh which ripens to within 1/2” of the rind. The texture is delicate and the sweet flavor is outstanding and distinctive, one the best we offer. The melons are long (8” x 20”), dark green, with darker green stripes. Fruits have fewer seeds and range between 15-25 lbs. Disease resistance is very good. 85 days.

    Packet: 1-3 g (20-60 seeds, average 39 seeds).

    Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: March-April, July-August

    Central Florida: January-March, August

    South Florida: January-March, August-September