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Summer Cover Crop Blend

    Summer Cover Crop Blend


    This blend of 5 crops (cowpea, sorghum, millet, sunhemp, and marigold) will keep your soil protected over the hot summer months with no effort on your part. Once established they need no water or pest management. Just plant them and let them do their work until your ready to plant in fall. Will help to prevent erosion, compaction, leaching of nutrients, and solarizing. Cut down above ground mass two weeks prior to planting your fall garden and lay the cuttings on top of beds to protect soil until planting. It will act as mulch and add fertility to the soil. One package will plant 2 3x6 beds or roughly 40 sq ft.

    Good to start from seed in these months:

    North Florida: April-August

    Central Florida: March-September

    South Florida: March-September