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Lanceleaf Tickseed - Live Plant

    Lanceleaf Tickseed - Live Plant


    Lanceleaf tickseed, Coreopsis lanceolata, is a perennial wildflower with conspicuously sunny blooms. The flower consists of a dense head of yellow-orange disk florets, surrounded by bright yellow ray florets. Typically blooms in spring and sometimes into summer. It occurs naturally in moist sandhills, marshes, and along swamp edges. Lanceleaf tickseed is a wonderful wildflower that attracts butterflies and other pollinators. Its seeds are commonly eaten by birds and small wildlife.

    Perennial. 1 gallon pot. Grown by Wise Hands.

    This is a Live Plant. At this time, we are unable to ship live plants, and are for local pick up from St. Pete, Florida only.